Coventry Cat Colony
We have four indoor-only cats and two outdoor-only cats.  Each are rescues.  We adopted Frick and Frack four years ago.  
In May 2017 Annette showed up in our yard and we have been feeding her every day since.   We could never handle her, she was a stray, almost feral.  We also did not know she was pregnant.  
Annette's litter was born 7-11-17 we estimate.  Ziggy and Zoe, indoor-only, and Funicello, outdoor-only are all from this litter.
We bottle fed Ziggy and Zoe for two months.  Today they are very socialized to people.  Funicello stayed outside and was raised by Annette in the woods behind our house.
We paid $411.oo to our local veterinary hospital for Annette  to get her shots and get spayed.  We now have to trap Funicello and do the same.
We tried to acclimate both Annette and Funicello to become indoor pets, but they were extemely distressed from being indoors.
Now they both show up every day to eat.  I no longer think of them as "homeless", they just never come inside the house, by their own choice.
Coventry Cat Colony also hosts guests cats from homes in the neighborhood.  I am a retiree.  I enjoy taking care of these cats.  I can afford to buy them food but these vet bills are more than I can afford.
Annette and Funicello
Outdoor cats eating near their winter shelter